“Learning Creative Learning” – my 1st MOOC with 24K participants & the MIT Media Lab

Happy Lunar New Year folks!

What better way to auspiciously kick off my learning goals than to join a MOOC (massive open online course) all about Learning Creative Learning via the MIT Media Lab.  Today marked the first “class” session for the 24,000 participants, who seem to be acclimating to this innovative new learning environment, reviewing the course materials, and connecting with the folks in our subgroups.

Learning Creative Learning

We’re just getting warmed up and so far, I’m intrigued and impressed with both the infrastructure and the passionate engagement of the community thus far.  It goes to show that when the content is targeted, relevant, and compelling (and FREE to boot), the users turn out.  Hopefully, I/we keep up this momentum 🙂

Stay tuned to this post for ongoing updates on my MOOC journey overall and I’ll make sure to add some curated goodies gleaned from the course as well.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to explore at the links below, even if you aren’t officially registered.  Resources include readings, video lectures, a ton of great links, and access to interesting folks working in all kinds of  sectors who value creative learning.


Your thoughts?

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