[Quick links] Arts & Cultural Innovation Resources Roundup

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As part of the team of Fellows hosting tonight’s event on how R&D fits into arts and cultural innovation, I’m posting just a sampling of quick links that I’ve found helpful in getting my brain into a more creative, innovative space for the discussion.

Note: stay tuned to EmergingSF.org for a fuller list of great links which EAP will update after we collect more input from the community and from the event!


From ArtsFwd: Next Practices for Arts Leaders (hands down, one of my favorite arts blogs!)


  • The James Irvine Foundation’s interactive “Arts Innovation Fund” Report
  • Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley is a think tank for the arts, a genuinely interdisciplinary space that brings people together–from across the university and beyond the university, from across the arts and beyond the arts–for unexpected conversations, collaborations, and community-building. “




Misc Ideas & Thought Pieces!

Last but not least: use #BYOID on Twitter to follow/join the convo!

The focus of this short list is nonprofit arts/cultural innovations, but I’m keen to find other examples of more cross-sectoral R&D/innovation partnerships working with the arts sector (e.g. tech, social entrepreneurship, city governments, community-based nonprofits, social services, health care, etc.). 

So please feel free to chime in the comments with other links or resources I should add!

Thanks 🙂


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