[quick link] Millennial Leaders Training in Art & Social Change

As the last few weeks of 2015 wind down, you might start thinking about the new year and planning how to evolve in your artistic/activist practice. So I’m sharing this quick link for an arts activism program in Oakland next summer aimed at building millennial leadership.

Art & Social Change: InterPlay for Millennial Leaders

interplayA training program for artists and activists age 18-35, aimed at exploring “ways to help people play with difficult issues, listen to and share the wisdom of their bodies and tell stories in ways that are direct, personal, and transformational.”

The program teaches participants how to “lead with creative, embodied InterPlay tools and techniques used around the world in peacemaking, prisons, classrooms, theaters, homes, places of worship, and health care.”

They’re accepting applications for July 2016, so visit their site and check out their brochure for details.

While I’m not personally familiar with or affiliated with the org (so I can’t necessarily endorse the specific methods, trainers, etc.) but I found the idea of such an innovative program compelling and intriguing enough to share!


Your thoughts?

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