[free] Social Impact Design Webinar Series via the National Endowment for the Arts

Interested in the relationship between design, education, and social impact?  Aspiring design educator or arts advocate?  This is right up your alley.

The first of the NEA’s Social Impact Design Webinar series is tomorrow, April 24th, so follow the links below to register for free!  Additional information about the webinars and design research at the NEA available here: http://arts.gov/news/news13/Social-Impact-Design.html


Social Impact Design Webinar Series

The National Endowment for the Arts Design Program will host a series of webinars to build on findings discussed in the recently released white paper, Design and Social Impact: A cross-sectoral agenda for design education, research, and practice (pdf). Curated and hosted by thought leaders in the field of social impact design, the webinar series will build on discussions that began during the Social Impact Design Summit held in February 2012 and will cover topics that further enhance the field’s capacity to design effectively for social impact.

You will need to register in advance of the webinars (separate registration for each webinar required). Attendance is free.

April 24, 2013 at 2pm ET: Creating a Culture of Storytelling & Evaluation
Hosted by: John Cary, Founder of http://www.publicinterestdesign.org/
Social impact design is distinguished by its human-centered approach, a practice ripe for storytelling and evaluation, with the unique potential to change hearts and minds. This webinar will explore the topics of communication and critique, featuring campaigns, entities, and individuals that successfully communicate the value of social impact design work and techniques for effectively evaluating its outcomes.

June 12, 2013 at 2pm ET: Making it Happen: Spotlight on Successful Projects
Hosted by: Jen Hughes, Design Specialist at National Endowment for the Arts

August 20, 2013 at 2pm ET: Educating the Next Generation of Social Impact Designers
Hosted by: William Drenttel, President of Winterhouse Institute  and Co-Founder of Design Observer


Arts and culture events, Spring SF [part 1] March’s “The Arts Skyline 2015” and April’s “501 See (3) You Later?”

It’s turning out to be a great spring full of arts & culture events in San Francisco.  My Emerging Arts Professionals fellowship program is in full gear with our  own “Spring Series” called “Deconstruction.” Get the latest and greatest from emergingsf.org and on Twitter @emergingarts.

(*Original post from April now updated with event recaps for those who missed it):

The Arts Skyline 2015
Wednesday, March 27 at the Center for New Music
“With major renovations and new building projects for both longstanding arts institutions and emerging ones underway, the Bay Area’s Arts Skyline is undergoing a significant shift – in philosophy and in practice. Creative placemaking and other trends have begun to inform a reimagined concept of the spaces and places in which we create, exchange, imagine, perform, and present; transient multipurpose projects from pop-ups to reclaimed spaces are transforming the way we think about the arts institution as place. “
Panelists:  Barrett Shaver, Director of Development, SFJAZZ; Christopher Borg, Executive Director, Community Music Center; Gina Basso, Public Programs Associate, SFMOMA; Jack Carpenter, Production Director, SF Ethnic Dance Festival
* Missed it?  Well,  you’re in luck… here’s a blog post with a great event recap!

501 See (3) You Later?
Thursday, April 18th 2013 at Hub Berkeley

“Is the 501(c)(3) model the only way to run an arts organization? Arts and culture organizations face greater challenges as traditional arts funding decreases and philanthropic needs shift rapidly. Join us to learn about new financial models including benefit corporations (B corps), low-profit limited liability corporations (L3Cs) , and the emerging economy of social enterprises and impact investing. 
Experts from the field will teach you essential information on each of these new financial models while you mingle with arts, culture, and business workers from across the Bay Area region. We will conclude the evening with a fun arts prototyping activity giving you the opportunity to make a creative enterprise using one of the new financial models.”

Panelists: Mariko Chang (Former EAP Fellow & Masters Candidate at JFK University); Andy Fyfe (Community Developmment at B Lab); Josh Furnas (Owner at Selfless);  Daniel Roberts (Attorney at K2 Law Group)

*I’ll make sure to add the link to the event recap for 501 See (3) You Later? when it’s available. 


Hope you enjoyed these public programs.  These community events are what I love best about being part of EAP.  And I know the EAPers and panelists worked hard to make it an informative, connective, and fun experience for all.

Stay tuned for the next 2 events in my next post in May!
(Save the dates: May 9th and May 13th!)

[infographic] Who’s Who in Public Interest Design


Happy new year all!  I hope 2013 brings you a fresh perspective on the days ahead with renewed vigor and creativity.

On that note,  I’m sharing this rockin’ infographic titled “the Public Interest Design 100″ from a great site I follow at publicinterestdesign.

Designer Megan Jett highlighted 100 of the most talented, social progressives  working in various sectors at “the intersection of design and service.” The list includes nonprofits, educators, funders, organizers, policymakers, and artists.  I’ve personally used the list to curate a new list of folks to follow on Twitter to keep my “new ideas” streams topped-off  throughout the year.

Explore their process story and see the full, high-quality image versions at http://www.publicinterestdesign.org/people.

Update: May 2013 – Check out their freshly released “Global Public Interest Design 100” version.


P.S. If you loved this infographic, then make sure to also check out their Public Interest Design: Products, Places, & Processes page showcasing the exhibition at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. (The exhibition opened for display from October 4, 2012 and will be up/traveling for up to 5 more years).