[free] Social Impact Design Webinar Series via the National Endowment for the Arts

Interested in the relationship between design, education, and social impact?  Aspiring design educator or arts advocate?  This is right up your alley.

The first of the NEA’s Social Impact Design Webinar series is tomorrow, April 24th, so follow the links below to register for free!  Additional information about the webinars and design research at the NEA available here: http://arts.gov/news/news13/Social-Impact-Design.html


Social Impact Design Webinar Series

The National Endowment for the Arts Design Program will host a series of webinars to build on findings discussed in the recently released white paper, Design and Social Impact: A cross-sectoral agenda for design education, research, and practice (pdf). Curated and hosted by thought leaders in the field of social impact design, the webinar series will build on discussions that began during the Social Impact Design Summit held in February 2012 and will cover topics that further enhance the field’s capacity to design effectively for social impact.

You will need to register in advance of the webinars (separate registration for each webinar required). Attendance is free.

April 24, 2013 at 2pm ET: Creating a Culture of Storytelling & Evaluation
Hosted by: John Cary, Founder of http://www.publicinterestdesign.org/
Social impact design is distinguished by its human-centered approach, a practice ripe for storytelling and evaluation, with the unique potential to change hearts and minds. This webinar will explore the topics of communication and critique, featuring campaigns, entities, and individuals that successfully communicate the value of social impact design work and techniques for effectively evaluating its outcomes.

June 12, 2013 at 2pm ET: Making it Happen: Spotlight on Successful Projects
Hosted by: Jen Hughes, Design Specialist at National Endowment for the Arts

August 20, 2013 at 2pm ET: Educating the Next Generation of Social Impact Designers
Hosted by: William Drenttel, President of Winterhouse Institute  and Co-Founder of Design Observer


[video] Design Thinking as a New Core Competency in Innovation: “Design is the New Business”

designthenewbusiness.com film trailer

In envisioning what kind of role I’d want to play in building new paradigms for the future “creative economy”, I came across this fascinating documentary about design thinking called “Design the New Business”.

There exists an entire body of scholarship, business management approaches, and cross-sector applications of what’s called “design thinking”, but what this particular student-created video does well is provide an overview with case stories that focus on practitioners who believe it is now, more than ever, a core competency of business. Some in the film advocate that all kinds of enterprises can benefit from embracing this new mindset and the idea of breaking the old business molds that clearly no longer work for people and society.

designthenewbusiness.com on vimeo
via Vimeo: “Design the New Business”

If you’re at all intrigued by design thinking (or even have a healthy, discerning skepticism about what its most passionate business proponents think its future holds), this film is still worth watching for some of its broadly insightful moments.

Excerpt from the film’s description on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/31678404#

Design and business can no longer be thought of as distinct activities with individual goals. Design the New Business is a film dedicated to investigating how designers and businesspeople are working together in new ways to solve the wicked problems facing business today.

The short documentary examines how they are joining forces by bringing together an international collection of design service providers, education experts and businesses that have incorporated design as a part of their core approach. Design the New Business features inspiring case studies and insightful discussions, helping to illustrate the state of the relationship and how it needs to continue evolving to meet tomorrow’s challenges.  This film is a Zilver Innovation initiative, and was created by 6 students from the Master in Strategic Product Design at the TU Delft in The Netherlands.

more > designthenewbusiness.com

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